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Updated 19 May 2019

2019C Rogers, D Gray Jr, N Bogdanowicz…Coherent Control of Two-Dimensional Excitons
2019D Soh, E Chatterjee, C Rogers, D Gray…Optical Selection Rules and Optical Nonlinearities of Excitonic States in Monolayer MoS2
2019H MabuchiCoherent Feedback Control in Quantum Circuits and Networks
2019E Ng, T Onodera, R Yanagimoto, H MabuchiCoherent frequency transfer of optical nonlinearities by feedback control of a non-degenerate optical parametric oscillator
2019D Soh, R Yamagimoto, E Chatterjee…Nonlinear optical response of a local surface plasmon coupled to a 2D material
2019R Hamerly, T Inagaki, P McMahon, D Venturelli…Benchmarking coherent Ising machines and quantum annealers with MAX-CUT and SK problems
2019E Chatterjee, D Soh, C Rogers, DJ Gray…Low-Temperature Annihilation Rate for Quasi-Localized Excitons in Monolayer MoS2
2019T Onodera, E Ng, P McMahon, A Marandi…Non-Gaussian quantum phenonema in synchronously-pumped optical parametric oscillator
2019C Rogers, D Gray, N Bogdanowicz, H MabuchiLaser annealing for Large Excitonic Reflectivity from MoSe2 grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition
2019SR Johnston, E Ng, SW Fong, WY Mok…Scanning microwave imaging of optically patterned Ge2Sb2Te5
2019R Yanagimoto, P McMahon, T Onodera, E Ng…Entangled-pulse generation inside coherent Ising machines using entanglement swapping
2019BH Berrie, A Bogana, SR Brady, J Dancoff…Scientific Delirium Madness 5.0: Gallery
2018DBS Soh, C Rogers, DJ Gray, E Chatterjee, H MabuchiOptical nonlinearities of excitons in monolayer
2018C Rogers, D Gray, N Bogdanowicz, H MabuchiLaser annealing for radiatively broadened grown by chemical vapor deposition
2018R Hamerly, T Inagaki, PL McMahon…Scaling advantages of all-to-all connectivity in physical annealers: the Coherent Ising Machine vs. D-Wave 2000Q
2018R Hamerly, T Inagaki, PL McMahon, D Venturelli…Experimental investigation of performance differences between Coherent Ising Machines and a quantum annealer
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2018P McMahon, A Marandi, R Hamerly, E Ng…Progress on coherent Ising machines constructed from optical parametric oscillators
2018E Ng, T Onodera, P McMahon, A Marandi…Coherent quantum effects in networks of degenerate optical parametric oscillators
2017N Bisaria, M Greenfeld, C Limouse…Quantitative tests of a reconstitution model for RNA folding thermodynamics and kinetics
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2016DBS Soh, R Hamerly, H MabuchiComprehensive analysis of the optical Kerr coefficient of graphene
2016N Bisaria, M Greenfeld, C Limouse…Kinetic and thermodynamic framework for P4-P6 RNA reveals tertiary motif modularity and modulation of the folding preferred pathway
2016R Hamerly, A Marandi, M Jankowski, MM Fejer…Reduced models and design principles for half-harmonic generation in synchronously pumped optical parametric oscillators
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2016K Jacobs, N Tezak, H Mabuchi, R BaluAll-mechanical quantum noise cancellation for accelerometry: broadband with momentum measurements, narrow band without
2016R Hamerly, K Jamshidi, H MabuchiQuantum noise in energy-efficient slow light structures for optical computing: sqeezed light from slow light
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2016R Hamerly, A Marandi, M Jankowski…Reduced models for pulse shaping and nonlinear dynamics in optical parametric oscillators
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2013J Wang, H Mabuchi, XL QiCalculation of divergent photon absorption in ultrathin films of a topological insulator
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2012H MabuchiCoherent-feedback Quantum Control with Cold Atomic Spins
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2009K McHale, H MabuchiSupporting information for “Intramolecular Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy in a Feedback Tracking Microscope”
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2006H MabuchiA Caltech MURI Center for Quantum Networks
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