Hideo Mabuchi

Office: 208 Spilker
Laboratories: 002 Spilker

Building address:
348 Via Pueblo Mall
Stanford, CA 94305

hmabuchi [at] stanford [dot] edu

Admin: Socorro Ungson (650-723-0203)


Academic Short Bio

I received my A.B. in Physics from Princeton University (1992) and my Ph.D. in Physics from the California Institute of Technology (1998). I spent nine years as a faculty member at Caltech with appointments in Physics and in Control & Dynamical Systems, then moved to Stanford University as Professor of Applied Physics in 2007. I have been serving as Chair of the Applied Physics Department since September 2010. Selected honors include an A.P. Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship, an ONR Young Investigator Award, a Fellowship from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and the inaugural Mohammed Dahleh Distinguished Lectureship awarded by UCSB.

Research Interests

My research group leverages a combination of experimental and theoretical approaches to study complex problems at the interface of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics with dynamical systems, estimation and control. Our current activities focus on quantum-optical and biomolecular systems, motivated by emerging methodological challenges in quantum engineering and by key bio/physical questions on the role of stochastic conformational dynamics in cellular processes ranging from enzymatic function to nuclear organization.

Teaching Interests

Curriculum development goals at the graduate level include: quantum mechanics as a framework for physical modeling based on non-commutative probability theory with implications for measurement theory, statistical mechanics and information science; control-theoretic approaches to model reduction as a class of fundamental new tools for non-equilibrium statistical mechanics; nanophotonic circuit theory based on the QSDE formalism of coherent-feedback quantum control, with applications to robust ultra-low-power signal processing.